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4908Tax Court

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  • JD
    Dec 31, 2003

      Just talked to an attorney who represented some people in Tax Court.  It appeared that they felt that they didn't have a chance, so they decided to file returns and drop their petition.  They got sanctioned $1000.00.  The attorney is now waiting to see what they decide on what to sanction him on.  He made a demand that forced the judge to take the case "on advisement".
      The attorney also told me that is you are a "non-filer" or a "zero filer", the chances of prevailing are almost ZERO.  His observance of the attitude is that they are ready and willing to take on any of those mentioned above, and that the rules have changes.  I don't know from what they were to what they are now.
      We all know that the IRS ignores the statutes, regulations, abuses authority and is a general fraud organization.  I know that I would not want to be in any of their shoes on Judgment Day, when the Lord executes judgment against them. 
      So if you get a NOD or 90 day letter, better have a good defense or challenge.  The ones that were in the tax court were one of the followers of Schiff.
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