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  • Geo T
    Dec 30, 2003
      Jim Thanks for posting that. A friend had contacted the EEOC in Texas that handled this case. He got the Gentleman who actually handled the case. The case has actually been used effective against Waldon book store locally. In the event you come across the situation of getting a job and then being fired, ask the to put their attorney on the phone. Give the EEOC V Info tec citation. IE KEEP IT WITH YOU OR CARRY THE CASE. Tell them you will hold on till they get back with a response. DO NOT LET THE HANG UP. If they do go to their office and ask them if they have read it and what they are going to inform "Your employer".
      This case was about a young man hired then discriminated against for no State Surveillance Number. He was paid, I belive, a summers pay for working a short time.
      Jim Do you have the Citations for that.
      I would also recommend to grab hand fulls of the application from Taco bell, so you can hand them out to you friends. NO NO So they can apply for jobs.
      Right after the case Taco Bell sent out a memo to all its stores to disregard any apps with out a SSN.
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