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2568Re: [tips_and_tricks] Texas Driver's License

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    Aug 30, 2003
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      Wayne, you need to read and understand the law, before
      you can say anything about travelling without a STATE
      privilege license.

      --- Sterling W Wyatt <swwyatt@...> wrote:
      > The recently posted Arteaga *driving* case
      > conviction that was overturned
      > on appeal, does not prove that one can drive without
      > a license.
      > It DOES prove that the elements of the specific
      > crime Arteaga was charged
      > with were not fulfilled at the TIME he was charged.
      > Specifically, one's
      > license can not be suspended if the license is not
      > operative and current,
      > therefore the requirement that he was driving when
      > his license was
      > lawfully suspended is not fulfilled. Or
      > alternatively, any suspension
      > must have occurred BEFORE the license expired, but
      > in this instance, the
      > alleged suspension occured AFTER his license had
      > expired.
      > The State saw the mix up and agreed there was
      > insuficient evidence
      > showing he had a bonafide SUSPENDED LICENSE when
      > actually CHARGED to
      > convict him of driving on a suspended license.
      > It appears that the case is a good teaching aid -
      > and for fooling
      > potential trafic law protestors.
      > Wayne
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