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  • The Handyman
    Sep 1, 2014

    In 1985 I found a book entitled Bear Bait. It was designed to fight traffic tickets. It did not provide a way to win in court but at least let you into the fight with something to throw at them.  Since then I’ve tried everything to no avail. There is no published way to win. Each man must study and apply his findings. Some findings will work one time and fail another. I’ve spent days in court and hours waiting for my case to be called which is always last when the courtroom is empty. So I had to develop a way to combat their tyranny and I did. It is a simple way to enjoy fighting the sentence…not the charge. It has worked every time for me and others. I show up and yes I answer when my name is called. I do not enter a plea and object to the judge entering one for me. Then object to any trial. Make the record as many times as you can with a simple statement…i.e. “I do not give consent to these proceedings”.  They will always continue and find you guilty and then comes the sentence where you start having fun. The judge after finding you guilty will usually say:”do you see any reason why I should not pass sentence today.” Respond:”Damn right judge you lack my consent”.  So their next move is to pass sentence which is usually a fine and in default there of some jail time. Example: $25.00 or three days in jail. Simply object and state that such is an illegal sentence and let them bring you to the payment clerk. The clerk is usually a dummy collecting fines from more dummies’. S/he will say $25.00 cash only. Then make him define what cash is.  Of course he can’t so demand to go back before the judge to get a definition that agrees with monetary law.  The judge, being a smart azz, usually holds up a FRN and says this is cash.  Start having your fun by saying it does not say cash on the piece of paper he is holding up.  He will say it may not say such but it is cash. Then say my understanding is that the paper object is called a dollar. Do you want dollars? He will respond and say:”the sentence was for 25 dollars”. Then say I have no dollars or cash and therefore have INABILITY to pay the fine. Don’t say I cannot or will not pay. The key word is INABILITY to pay.  Once you say such the judge is required to hold an INABILITY to pay hearing and the state must prove you have ability to pay. This they cannot do and this is where their monetary stupidity really shows up. After combating all allegation of what is money and dollars simply give the court an affidavit of inability to pay the fine and warn him that because you have INABILITY he cannot put you in debtor’s prison without violating his oath.  Once he reads the affidavit he knows you are loaded with responses that are too sensitive for open court or even on appeal. Can he say what pays a debt? Is a fine a debt? Usually they take the case under advisement and it disappears. The last case I had some anonymous person paid my fine just as I was cuffed and sent to jail. How convenient?



    "Taking the power from politicians is harder than taking meat away from a tiger...and just as dangerous."


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    > can you do a motion to dismiss for lack of speedy trial?

    The hardest thing for your opponent to prove is jurisdiction.

    All motions grant jurisdiction.

    Most people waive rights whenever asked to do so.

    To have more fun and lose less, deny jurisdiction and fail to waive rights
    when they ask you to do it in any of a mtriad of ways.



    P.S. In one case of mine, the judge made the motion for the prosecution
    after nine hearings over nine months. I wanted to rack up 12 hearings
    over 12 months but they ruined my fun!

    P.P.S. Remember foolks, in this rigged centrally planned economy, we are
    providing jobs for those unable to find honest work!

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