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19698Re: [tips_and_tricks] Larry the lawyer Becraft above the law.

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  • hobot
    Aug 22, 2014
      Yep early on Larry the lawyer was my hero too
      but seems a change occurred with him, so look
      up his anti-patriot myth articles to understand
      for yourself or IRS successes last decade+.
      Granted even best people and documents get
      railroaded over so just loosing cases ain't main
      evidence Larry is not doing his lawyer best.

      On 8/21/2014 8:12 PM, 'RHGUSN2 .' rhgusn@... [tips_and_tricks] wrote:
      It is hardly reasonable to blame a lawyer when he loses a case against the IRS, which lies, cheats and very often has the assistance of the judge.

      Of the ten most commonly litigated tax subject areas, the IRS wins around 86% of the time.  With attorney representation the IRS win-rate goes down to 80%, while pro se  litigants lose about 88% of the time.

      So blaming a lawyer for losing to the IRS is for people who do not understand how the deck is stacked.

      Larry Becraft has won some notable cases, and his record is probably better than most.  It is worth noting that Becraft and other good tax lawyers typically win only cases in which there is a jury trial.  Enen then it is very difficult because of the way judges instruct juries and the way they deny juries the right to actually read the laws.


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