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19636Re: Not the peoples Government in Michigan

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  • Michael Corleone
    Mar 30, 2014
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      Robb - good job exposing some of this madness. You hope that enough exposure would get someone to get off their ass and do something - and sometimes it does.

      I had a problem with a District Attorney stepping down on my complaint and the "Special" Prosecutor was one of the good ole boys - in my esteemed opinion... so I taped the phone calls I had with him and made a youtube video out of one - in the hopes it would get some exposure and someone would take notice and friggin' do something!

      Please watch and if you like it - spread the link. This is an actual prosecutor refusing to use investigators to go out and do interviews - the equivalent of the DA doing detective's work. It's nonsense and probably criminal.

      email me direct - mcorleone44@...  

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