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19577Letter to revenuers, Improvements? jurisdictional considerations...~?

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  • Mark Gailey [Liberty Felix]
    Dec 3, 2013
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      Would anyone like to recommend any improvements to my Revenuer correspondence. This is funny them coming still after 15 years.

      Liberty Felix

      December 3, 2013

      Division of Collections

      Department of Revenue
      Commonwealth of Kentucky

      501 High Street

      8th and 9th Floors

      Frankfort, KY 40601


      Re: Alleged delinquent debt

      On October 16th I received an apparently forwarded Delinquency Bill at my post, addressed to this corporate entity, MARK A GAILEY, as attached and assigned to Social Security Number 000-00-0000, but in an envelope with my address, where I the living man, Mark Gailey inhabit a leasehold. I presume that my name and address were compared from your current records of Sales Tax Taxpayers.
                  If records on that account are thorough, they will include mention of a discussion with an agent who was trying to add a data record for my account listing, #235438, requesting my identifying number. The Sales Tax account and number had already been processed without a Social Security Number, and I assured the agent that none was in use or in pertinent legal attachment with my person and name. (…As per expiration of all suspended contract activities, based on multiple schemes of fraud by the issuing agency.) I was assured that would be reflected in the notes regarding my account and it’s true nature.

      I would ask for a legal opinion as to whether that agent’s claims are accurate, that even if I don’t participate in the privileged Federal Social Security programs, am I still liable as a ‘privileged’ entity for class excise, or unaffected as ‘endowed by my Creator’ for class direct.

      In regards to the alleged Tax liabilities from the years 1997 and 1998, again, all contract activities associated and/or dependent on the serialized Social Security Number 000-00-0000 (and its’ associated corporate fiction, MARK A GAILEY) are suspended as void for fraud, from the beginning. Evidence of these frauds will be documented by the appropriate process demand, which I hereby make, to provide and present the original verification documents for these alleged Tax Liabilities. That would include either a specified assessment by the Treasury Secretary or delegation, or actual federal tax returns for those years. I make these requests as former agent on this account.

      I will also have to demand discovery of all agents’ names, office addresses and federal versus State assignment level who were involved in the creation, manufacture or production of all originating source documents (digital or hard copy) which would serve to proffer contradicting prima facie evidence that a federal tax assessment has been made. And I also demand the names, jurisdictions, and office locations of all Judges involved in signature with any and all liens and levies which have been executed or administrated anywhere, but particularly in the Kentucky County of Madison.


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