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19556Re: [tips_and_tricks] Liability insurance and Sovereign immunity 1983 claim

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  • michael
    Nov 5, 2013
      There should be a law and/or special court in which government waves immunity. For example, in New York there is Court of Claims where you sue the state. Government may not have insurance, but be SELFINSURED by having so called "risk management department." This department theoretically pays claims against criminals that they employ. Your question, if true, would make out presumption that if insurance policy exists - it its because government waves immunity. In your complaint make sure to aver that state actors "instituted or legislated unconstitutional, unwritten, (maybe secret) policy and/or practice, or both of bla bla bla," which is unfair, against public policy and interest, and that it harms people-taxpayers, while unfairly enriching a few criminals. This policy is in breach of contract (mafia calls this contract - protection) between people-taxpayers and the state. The term of contract is to "serve and protect interests, rights and property of taxpayers against attacks by the very same criminals in exchange for taxes paid by taxpayers to these criminals (Al Capone would be jealous). Your state constitution may say that people are sovereign and give consent to be governed. But state abuses people, and now loses immunity by breach of contract between YOU, THE SOVEREIGN MAN and WOMEN, and the state, which is for profit corporation with elite as undisclosed shareholders ( did I hear somebody said FRAUD?). Remember, there is no immunity in COMMERCE, which is what the state is there for.   
      Post your complaint on http://www.scribd.com/, so people will be able to see it and comment on it there. Keep us posted...

      On Monday, November 4, 2013 8:52 PM, Jane wrote:
      I am preparing a USC 42 1983 claim in Idaho for massive violations and
      There are three public entities involved.

      Can anyone tell me if a State or government entity waives sovereign immunity
      by the purchase of liability insurance?

      I would love to see the case law if anyone has it.

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