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  • JcP
    Sep 10, 2013
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      There is usually NO $ (dollar sign) sign on tax bills or fines… you could give them a 10,000,000 Zimbabwe Note (?)


      ...take a look at U.S. Supreme Court Hagar v. Reclamation District, 111 U.S. 701 (1884)

      "The acts of Congress making the notes of the United States a legal tender do not apply to involuntary contributions in the nature of taxes or assessments exacted under state laws, but only to debts in the strict sense of the term; that is, to obligations founded on contracts, express or implied, for the payment of money."

      If I am understanding this correctly, they (US Corp, et. al.) can't require us to pay our property taxes or “fines” via FRN's (notes). HJR192 states that they can't demand a specific form of payment. We have just been trained to give them frn's.


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