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19473Re: [tips_and_tricks] Something Other than Gold and Silver Coin in Payment

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    Jun 30, 2013
      > "As in the instant case, it was criminal both for the
      > city authorities to issue them and on the part of the party
      > who paid for them.

      City authorities break laws?!!

      > "The issuing of bills as a currency by such a corporation
      > without authority is not only contrary to positive law, but,
      > being ultra vires, is an abuse of the public franchises
      > which have been conferred upon it; and the receiver of the
      > bills, being chargeable with notice of the wrong, is in pari
      > delicto with the officers, and should have no remedy, even
      > for money had and received, against the corporation upon
      > which he has aided in inflicting the wrong * * *." (Emphasis
      > supplied.)

      Isn't it funny how the obvious looks like a new discovery to one side of
      any court dispute? How can anyone be so wrong? Expecially when the laws
      are all there for us to read today? Actually, it's no longer possible to
      ever read all the laws that may affect you, even if you take speed reading
      lessons and read 24/7/365. As you may notice, law doesn't seem to be that
      important nowadays, although it's still a large industry.

      Today I had a realization of the effects of my triple skull fracture and
      resulting brain damage. Up until today I thought I was doing pretty well
      despite that period of a few years where I lost most of my memories (which
      have since returned). Then I see Stacy Herbert and am intellectualy put
      to shame. It reminds me of my live poker group and how I'm the worst
      player there, and how they are thinking of things I never think of. I
      appreciate that they take the time to point out the things and tell me.
      But it all adds up to: I am lacking in brain power that if I had it,
      things might be better.

      So, this post is to tell you the most valuable thing I've learned so far

      There's a YouTube 4 section lesson on it, plus many other related videos.
      They deal with a currently proven science called Quantum Physics and show
      you the experiments (most important being the "double slit experiment") so
      you don't have to "believe" anything; you can perceive it yourself. I am
      only through 3 of the lessons so far, but have seen many others of the
      related videos. This relates to court because ... to me it relates
      because I think if we understand this new theory, and test the models
      these lessons give us, we can affect outcomes more to our liking. I would
      tend to employ it before court, as I never want to go to court again
      anyway. Part of not going is making nobody want to take you.

      I've used the information most when I play online poker and call for cards
      I need. I can call them about 80% of the time and am even now getting
      good at the suit as well. A witness saw me call for the 4 of spades and
      get it.

      This information has been likened to the time when most people thought the
      world was flat, but sailors were proving that theory false. Now most
      people think the world is round... imagine the changes when that paradigm
      is surpassed!


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