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19472re: Alan David has a new program

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  • melsbarandgrill
    Jun 29, 2013
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      Barry if you are interested, Alan is going to be presenting his in depth research in history that has really impacted American Law, and how it relates to us today. He does not have a web site yet to post your program,so I understand if you don't want to post this for your group, but you yourself may be interested, and you may know other who are too. Alan is not going to be competing with Tips and Tricks.

      Do you understand the deep roots of where laws come from? Understanding the secret laws, really helps you are trying to defeat the coming NWO. Alan David is starting a new program series that will help us understand how these things all came about and the hidden history that brought us where we are now. I will be listening for sure!

      The Hx of Secret Law and the Occult; the meaning of their symbology; the cult of numbers; introduction to their symbolical associations in Hx; This series of programs will cover such subjects as: The hidden elite and; 1) Their use of symbols and seals; their occult meaning and purpose; 2) Why they don't teach law in public school; The plan of the New Atlantis & the missing part 2; Rules of todays' world Government; 3) The symbols of the Fasci; Binding the Magic Septors; Modern Fascism & Black Magic; 4) The discovery of the ancient cult of 5; how the number 5 is used by the elite in everything to do with power and control; 5) and more to come

      June 29, 2013 @ 4pm PDT or 7 pm EDT


      Hosted by: AlanDavid
      Phone Number: 1-(724) 444-7444 when the voice tells you to put in your pin number press 1# if you haven't got one
      Call ID: 128925

      you can tune in 15 minutes prior to start time