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19466Re: [tips_and_tricks] Something Other than Gold and Silver Coin in Payment

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    Jun 18, 2013
      > * * The issuing of bills as a currency by such a corporation
      > without authority is not only contrary to positive law, but,
      > being ultra vires, is an abuse of the public franchises
      > which have been conferred upon it; and the receiver of the
      > bills, being chargeable with notice of the wrong, is in pari
      > delicto with the officers, and should have no remedy, even
      > for money had and received, against the corporation upon
      > which he has aided in inflicting the wrong * * *." (Emphasis
      > supplied.)

      Justice sometimes takes time. Slaves to FRNs will wake up some day.
      There will come a day when nothing will be measured in them. Nothing will
      be for sale for them. Those slaves will be forced to realize that they
      had a choice a long time ago. They will then reap the rewards of the
      choices they have made.

      Runaway slaves that come to me for help will be treated well for their
      work. How many do you think I might have, say, in 5 years? I really
      never thought I'd have ANY! I already have two volunteers. Maybe this
      list should start its own agency, and keep the work within the family so
      to speak, so as to keep any benefits out of the hands of the FRNers. A
      contract would have to be drawn up for the runaway slave to sign making
      plain that his new serfdom is voluntary, unlike the chance he got from the

      Hey, since we're thinking along these lines, how about the government
      declaring a "Path to Freedom" for FRN-tired patriots to escape their
      subject status, the same way they want a "Path to Citizenship" for the
      Mexicans streaming over the border! Right now they are making it hard to
      leave, like the old soviet union did to their captive peoples. But heck,
      if they will let us out, they can let everyone on Earth in!


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