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19461Re: [tips_and_tricks] Disqualifying Calif. State Judges

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    Jun 9 9:35 PM
      > I am curious frog farmer if you will share how do you accomplish your
      > method:
      >>They've disqualified themselves whenever I've said they are disqualified
      >> and I
      > prove it.  I've never had them go ahead with the CCP170 procedure.
      > (emphases mine)

      The first time I disqualified a judge I did some research on him and
      discovered that according to the local newspaper, he "hated" Volkswagen
      drivers. Guess what I drove? When they called my name I rose to speak,
      saying I disqualified him, and I held up a copy of the newspaper. He
      immediately recused himself.

      The next time it came up I let word leak out about my disqualification
      "strategery", and that's when they flew in the judge from Pasadena who had
      the right oath. He's also the guy who colluded with the DA over lunch to
      alter the ticket illegally (a felony), which story I've already told here.

      Next time it came up was when the three cops were sent here to prevent
      domestic violence. I disqualified them all verbally and none objected and
      they went away.

      Next was a CHP woman who stopped to look at my place and tell me, "this
      can't be right!" and threatened to return with a building inspector. I
      told her, "make sure you both have your oaths and bonds in order as I'll
      be disqualifying you both if they are not. You could speed things up a
      bit by bringing the proofs with you." They never returned.

      Our local law study group chipped in to get certiifed copies of all the
      oaths of all the judges in this county. One or two oaths conformed, most
      did not, and few matched others.

      My current plan is to demand an immediate appearance (versus the one with
      necessary delay) before the magistrate on duty per Penal code section 810.
      There would be the first violation of my rights, as they don't usually
      have anyone complying with that requirement. At that meeting, with
      arresting perp in tow, I would demand that the formal verified complaint
      be laid according to law (most people waive this and accept a ticket,
      which is a waiver and permits a lower standard of due process called the
      "infraction process"). There won't be one, so whatever they attempt to do
      next besides wishing us all a nice day and agreeing to give me a ride home
      will prompt me to disqualify them on account of their missing oaths and
      bonds. I've never gotten to this point yet; they will not arrest me!

      I'd have to say that 90% of them enjoy our fun, and only a few suffer,
      like the sargeant who had to flee to Florida rather than answer to
      questioning on the stand. I had him served a subpoena in front of his
      neighbors, and the server mentioned child abuse out loud...


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