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19451Disqualifying Calif. State Judges

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    Jun 7, 2013
      > California. I only raised the Disqualification at the Superior Court level
      > since I did not have more time to take it higher. I had multiple processes
      > going on. I did file a petition for writ of mandate and prohibition to the
      > appellate div. of the sup. court on the issue of the court proceeding with
      > out having it's jurisdiction invoked by someone authorized to do so. They
      > played games with that.

      It might be informative for the list to hear about them. So, did you use
      the process at CCP 170?

      > They "lost" the original for which I have
      > confirmed delivery and signed return receipts. I had to take my cripple
      > self up to that court and physically deliver new orig. copies. They denied
      > it the very next day and the clerk failed to provide notice, so I didn't
      > find out until I inquired a week later. I already had 2 attempted
      > "arraignments" at that point.

      It would be interesting how a final arraignment was concluded and put into
      the record?

      > As CarlS mentioned, I was not sure how that entire process would be
      > handled when none of the "judges" out here have the valid oath on file.

      NONE??!! They found one for me! And out of over 40 oaths I've collected,
      I know at least ONE was correct!

      > I
      > am certainly willing to try to push that issue further next time since I
      > already know how to trip them up on other procedural deficiencies.

      If you do it when you are arrested, with only the cop and magistrate
      there, you make witnesses of each of them against the other.

      > In your experience will they really drop your cases if you hammer them on
      > that or do they hide behind the Vogel v. Los Angeles Cali. Supreme Court
      > ruling?

      They've disqualified themselves whenever I've said they are disqualified
      and I prove it. I've never had them go ahead with the CCP170 procedure.
      I have my own argument for whenever Vogel gets raised, but so far it's
      only been raised by people supposedly on my side!

      > Personally I saw that as a potential problem and given my health
      > issues I wanted to corner them on as many other issues as possible with
      > out creating an excess of work for myself (I don't mind putting in work,
      > but I've literally added fingertip neuropathy and carpel tunnel to my
      > health issues simply from all of my research and motions.).

      THe system is broken beyond repair. I can no longer pretend that any
      functioning parts still have any merit to them. All that's left to do is
      hope that the collapse doesn't take all our remaining time and that the
      new paradigm is more justice oriented.

      > --- On Mon, 6/3/13, frogfrmr@... <frogfrmr@...> wrote:
      >> What state?  If California, how many steps did you get in the
      >> disqualification?  Did you get to the state supreme court?


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