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19445Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Current § 1983 RE: Suing State Judges

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    Jun 3, 2013
      > I have often wondered about that myself, if they just ignore your
      > objection and go forward, what is your relief? If no one has taken the
      > proper oath, who could even hear your complaint?

      It is not a mere objection made too late. You MUST disqualify EVERY act
      by EVERY imposter! You must make all objections right from the IMOC
      Initial Moment Of Confrontation! You must involve co-conspirators and
      have witnesses. "THEY" only become "THEY" after you link them, as there is
      no "they" otherwise. It is assumed everyone is doing the right thing.
      When you make it obvious that a crime is committed, few will want to sign
      on as accomplices. Nobody will help you, and you must fight everyone
      arrayed against you. Being nice does not help at all.


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