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19444Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Current § 1983 RE: Suing State Judges

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    Jun 3, 2013
      > The judge I have been dealing with ignores me when I state she has not
      > perfected her Oath......IN fact she had me held on contempt she got so
      > pissed off. They never had me sign anything at the jail nor did they ever
      > actually charge me but she Ordered $10,000 bond. My case had the same
      > result as the one mentioned below. They completely missed all of the seven
      > elements of jurisdiction. This judge did not get the memo either.

      You have to do more than "state" it!

      But it doesn't surprise me to hear of total lawlessness out there today as
      the "system" is totally broken. You must use EVERY tool at your disposal.
      Make record asking questions they cannot answer. Use the money issue.
      Thanks for fighting back because if all did that it helps. They only have
      lies left.


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