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19441Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Current § 1983 RE : Suing State Judges

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  • hobot
    Jun 2, 2013
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      On 6/2/2013 4:04 PM, jai mann wrote:
      > I disqualified the Judge on a lack of a constitutional oath but she
      > went forward any way. Every thing is on the record and she lacked any
      > jurisdiction to act at any point even if she had a valid oath. If
      > getting them to step aside was so easy then perhaps this judge didn't
      > get the memo.

      Alas this has been my experience on last 4 traffic court encounters -even to
      point of objecting to 'judge' presenting States case when prosecutor shown
      to have not oath then thrown in jail for objecting while specially
      Its depressing to present proper pleadings on jurisdiction elements and due
      process breakdowns being rail roaded over in courts and then get flak by
      posters we were too ignorant or backed down too easy. One interesting
      thing I discovered on last two traffic ct face off was 'judge-magistrate'
      will not and does not look at anything you may have recorded in record
      before arraignment - Only the docket sheet. I asked two judges about
      that and both said until arraignment gotten they did not have reason or
      duty [jurisdiction] too. Twice last month I was told my charges did not
      rate a jail sentence if convicted. I brought up lack of verified complaint,
      then told not to speak and if I didn't let him enter not guilty I'd be
      put in
      jail. Already tested two judges in two counties at this point objecting
      to them acting in my behalf w/o my permission to have
      spent time in their two jails. So I guess I'm not worthy of those who
      get success every time ahead of time. hobot
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