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  • tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com
    Jun 2, 2013

      Whereas the Socratic teaching method requires the continued probing into the subject with questions by a teacher having an understanding of the topic;

      And whereas the Socratic teaching method requires that there be a general logic of reasoning on subjects that have been developed by those who have shared goals and objectives (which defined the subject focus); shared questions and problems (whose solution they pursued); shared information and data (which they used as an empirical basis); shared modes of interpreting or judging that information; shared specialized concepts and ideas (which they used to help them organize their data); shared key assumptions (that give them a basis from which to collectively begin); and a shared point of view (which enables them to pursue common goals from a common framework);

      And whereas the Socratic teaching method requires that the teacher question assumptions being made by the students ask the students to trace out the implications and consequences of what they are saying;

      And whereas the Socratic teaching method requires of a necessity that there be a consensual teacher/student relationship wherein the student determines that he/she has an interest in participating in a Socratic teaching method with a teacher that the student considers to have more knowledge themselves;

      And whereas the Tips & Tricks Yahoo Group does not consist of teachers and students but rather consists of people who share a common interest having varying degrees of knowledge on a wide variety of law topics and have an interest in increasing their knowledge by the exchange of information and not necessarily by being asked a single question by a group member that there is no way to determine whether such member is qualified to ask that single question as a teacher as the beginning of a Socratic teaching session, or, as a mere query for knowledge;

      And whereas the Tips & Tricks Yahoo Group already consists of people who have a thirst for law knowledge and do not need to have their curiosity aroused or their motivation be heightened by questioning;

      AS YOUR MODERATOR it is therefore adjudged, ordered and decreed that the asking of a single question, or, of a series of questions as the beginning of a, or having the appearance of, a Socratic teaching session will not be allowed on the Tips & Tricks group.
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