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19423Re: [tips_and_tricks] Secret Court Trial Duncan, OK

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  • jai mann
    May 24, 2013
      It sounds like you have a conspiracy going on. It may be difficult to prove, but I don't know precisely every thing that has happened. In my research on 42 USC 1983 causes of action I have come across a number of useful reading materials. I will cite some for you. The primary thing you should concern yourself with at the beginning is listing the facts related to every thing that has happened. You can then determine the applicable statute of limitations for all potential causes of action. Then you can work around that and file as needed.


      (familiarize yourself with the material. 1983, 1985, and 1986 may apply to your situation)

      (This has been extraordinarily useful in determining the rules and guidelines for what should or should not work in a 1983 lawsuit. I will be filing one next week. I have not done this before but I have spent months studying this subject matter and this pdf has been extremely useful. I suggest printing it out, putting it in a 3 ring binder, high light the chapters that will be useful, then high light subsections that specifically address the scenario's in your case.)

      Be sure to set up some organizational charts to make this whole process easier to conceptualize. I don't know how many players are involved, but in my own case I'm looking at ~19 people (3 judges I may not be able to touch due to absolute immunity, 1 other judge I know I can get) and 3 municipalities (police department, city, and county). It gets overwhelming so make it a point to set up spreadsheets, flowcharts, etc. which you can rely on when you write up your facts and causes of action. Do not make frivolous charges as it creates more work for you and creates a moral boost for the other side when they get it dismissed. Make sure you can point to Federal rights violations and State Constitution & Statute violations.

      Again, be sure to figure out those statutes of limitations for each cause or you could miss critical time windows.

      And be sure to do what you can to rest and relax. I can't describe how high strung I've been for the last 2 years since my own situation started. Your health will suffer if you don't take breaks and get good sleep.

      Best wishes.
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