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19417501-C-3 Churchs are not Christian Churchs.

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    May 22, 2013
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      *I'm opposed to 501c3 status for churches, but to say "U.S Government has
      even perverted it own laws the Government was founded on, Separation of
      Church and STATE and freedom of speech" is not quite true.

      You are referring, in the case of "freedom of speech" to the First
      Amendment. The government was not "founded" on it because the government
      was already founded and in existence under the Canstitution. The
      Constitution was adopted in September 1787 and ratified in June 1788. The
      First ten amendments were adopted by Congress in September 1789 and
      ratified in December 1791.

      Rules under 501c3 do have the effect of limiting freedom of speech. By the
      way, did you know that Lyndon Johnson was behind the 501c3 law in 1954?
      See THIS <http://hushmoney.org/501c3-facts.htm>.

      As for "separation of church and state," there is no provision in the
      constitution for that. It is a construction of the imagination. The First
      Amendment provides that "CONGRESS shall make no law ESTABLISHING a religion
      or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." The intent is to prevent having
      the federal government endorse or adopt any one particular religion. At
      the time of the ratification of that amendment there were, in fact, states
      which had state religions. Congress is enjoined from putting its nose into
      the matter of religion in those ways specified. If a complete separation
      of religions of any type from all government connection was intended, there
      would not be chaplains in both houses of Congress since the 1700's..

      Propaganda from some specific sources with specific goals has been mounted
      to attack religion in the fake name of the First Amendment.

      I am not a particularly religious person, but I can read. I know what the
      amendment says and does not say, and I know what various founding fathers
      said and wrote. People with the agenda of demonizing religion quote a
      letter from Jefferson to a Baptist church group, using it to imply what he
      did not mean.

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