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19410Oooo weeee! Look what I'm seeing in Revelation!

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  • Legalbear
    May 18, 2013
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      I’ve been going through Revelation and finding Torah principles and Name issues imbedded in a bad English translation. Such as:


      Revelation 2:12:


      I know that you understand the strength, might, force, and potency of my name; that you have carefully and faithfully mastered its use; that you have taken possession of it and made it your own; that you have taken hold of and seized it; that you have laid your hands upon it; that you've held it and not let it go or disregarded it; and that you continue to retain it in its original form


      This mirrors Malachi 3:16 almost exactly; “thought upon the Name”:


      of those who reverenced and worshipfully feared Jahuwah and who regarded with respect, ascertained by computation, made an estimate of, attempted to discern the deliberate purpose of, produced or contrived His Name previously unknown by the use of ingenuity or imagination; attempting to make up, fabricate, think out and make a judgment about His name.


      Revelation 2:26-29


      2:26-29 - To the one who conquers and comes off victorious, who attends to carefully, takes care of, and undergoes my business and employment, to the end,[1] I will give:

      1) the power of choice[2]

      2) leave or permission

      3) physical and mental power

      4) ability or strength

      5) the power of authority and of right

      6) the power of rule or government and by this power my will and commands must be submitted to by others and obeyed.[3]

      7) authority over mankind; specifically:

           a) the power of judicial decisions[4]

           b) of authority to manage domestic affairs[5]

      8) Jurisdiction: I am one who possesses delegated authority

      9) power over angels and demons; I am a spiritual leader[6]

      10) a sign of regal authority, a crown

      over the nations, just as I myself have received authority from my Father, and I will give him the morning star. 'He shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the potter's vessels shall be broken to pieces'[7]. Let the listener hear what the Spirit says to the Groups of Called Out Ones.


      Yahushuwah says in Matthew 7, “you’ve worked on the side of evil” is saying they did the opposite of undergoing His business.


      As to polishing, sharpening, and purifying; in Revelation 3:2-3 he says:


      For I have not found any of your deeds filled to the full, complete in every particular, or rendered perfect[8] in the sight of Jahuwah. Remember then what you were given and what you were taught.[9] Hold to those things[10]


      The word in Greek for “hold” appears to be conveying the same concept as “hewn to my decrees” in Zephaniah 3:9 with respect to pure speech and is the same concept as polishing or sharpening. I am changing “Hold to” in my version to:


      Uphold, follow closely, or conform to those things…


      In Revelation 3:8 He addresses their treatment of His Name, saying:


      …you…have attended to carefully, taken care of, guarded, and observed my Commandments and have not shunned or avoided my name; neither have you rejected it, renounced it, relinquished it, given it up, or folded it up.


      In Revelation 3:19 look what He says respecting zeal:


      Therefore, begin burning with zeal, heat yourselves up, and cause yourselves to boil and feel sorry that you have not come up to my standards.


      As I am writing this I am realizing the purification factor of heat; another version of Him telling us to purify ourselves.



      [1] Whose work?? Jahushuwah’s!!

      [2] The ability to choose to do what is right according t the Torah; as opposed to being under the control of the wicked one.

      [3] Characteristics of a judge.

      [4] Like judge would have.

      [5] To make license plates and registration.

      [6] Defined as one who has the power and position to rule over others; a monarch. One who dominates or leads a group or an endeavor: industrial potentates.

      [7] Psalm 2:9

      [8] Isaiah 65

      [9] By the tutor of the Torah?

      [10] Seize it and not let it go, or, flow out?

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