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    May 12, 2013
      *Venue: Mahoning County, Ohio
      *My case concerns: My real property was being appropriated by the City of Youngstown.  The City hired three appraisers.  The three appraisers, at separate times, broke into my building and took pictures, released them to the public, and examined private papers in the building.  I sued all three appraisers.  Two of them settled.  The third so called appraiser was simply a private person. The judge dismissed my case against reasoning that he set a trial date.  I did not get notice, and no party showed up at court at the supposed trial date. I appealed stating that the case law, the local rules, the Civil Rules of Procedure, and every Common Pleas Court, including all Appellate Court Districts recognize that a dismissal when a objection to magistrate's decision is pending is not a final order.  In fact, if an appeal is filed in every court, except the Seventh District Court of Appeals, the Court would send it back to the Common Pleas level.  A further fact is that an appellate court would be without jurisdiction to hear the case.   
      My complaint is also about the third person was being defended by the Ohio Attorney General.  I complaint constantly about the AG defending a private person. I even filed a motion to disqualify the OG's attorney. It went nowhere.  I complaint directly to the AG in Columbus, they told me to that they would not investigate.
      * My research consists of case law in most all Appellate District Court in Ohio.
      *I want to get some sort of justice.  I am fed-up of being victimized by the Courts in Ohio.  
      I appreciate your effort to help pro se litigants.  However, in my experience here in Mahoning County Ohio, the Civil Rules of Procedure mean nothing when a pro se litigant is a party.  Recently a common pleas judge dismissed my case when there was an objection to magistrate's decision pending.  Every common pleas court, except in Mahoning county adheres to the Civil Rules of Procedure.  The Mahoning County Common Pleas Court's local rules even state that a motion to dismiss a case, or a dismissal of the case by the court is not a final order when a objection to a magistrate's decision is pending.  The Seventh District Court of Appeals upheld the judge's erroneous decision.  I have complained everywhere, including the Senate Judicial Committee, without success or even a reply.   The Civil Rules mean nothing to a judge in Mahoning county when a pro se is before him/her.  There is absolutely, and the judges know full well that, there is no meaningful recourse, even when the case is appealed. The Ohio Supreme Court takes only several cases a year. One time they took a pro se case and it made front page news.  A complaint to the Supreme Court of Ohio is a total waste of money and time.  The Discipline Committee of the Ohio Supreme Court exists only for the appearance of justice. I filed a civil rights case that went to the Ohio Supreme Court, they said there was no constitutional question and dismissed it. The Ohio Supreme Court appears to be running a scam.  The Ohio Supreme Court likes to take numerous loud music cases.  I would like to take my complaint further, but where? J
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      If you would like help on your case in order for your request to be approved you must:

      1. Have printed out your post and read it out loud to yourself looking for missing words and typos;

      2. Have written your post in a word processor so it can check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar;

      Then you must answer these questions:

      What state does your legal issue spring from?

      What are the facts of your case?

      What research you have already done on your issue?

      What you are thinking about doing and why?

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