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19379True Name

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  • hobot
    Apr 28, 2013
      This word-term is worth looking up in all its implications.
      There are both occult and major religious scriptures
      on the significance of this plus the legal or lawful uses,
      There has been millenniums of time for evil-legalistic groups
      to confuse and infuse the use of Name in religious practice.
      Names were first spoken before writing developed
      so sound vibration is their foundation not the written symbols.
      Only a man can speak an oath or a name. Early and continuing
      occult secret schools and older religious movements all had a man
      to man, teacher student, master disciple oral tradition to pass
      on the sound of the Name to keep it from dying a death in mere
      symbols. One oral gem they pass on to initiates is that their
      'deitie's' name can not really be spoken by mortal people only
      heard from the inside, so its in vain to speak it or yell it out loud.
      Many path's followers are given a Name or a phase by someone
      who has the authority for them to repeat silently inside and listen
      too to 24/7 forever more.

      hobot = mere online handle so ya can't grab my being and do
      mean things with it eh.