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19355Re: [tips_and_tricks] What does $ mean??

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  • Cary Zolman
    Apr 11, 2013
      I'm in Texas and have been 100% on not paying property taxes. We ask the tax accessor collector about title 31 section 3124 also use title 18 section 8 with it and let the fun begin.

      On Apr 11, 2013, at 10:23 PM, "Legalbear" <bear@...> wrote:



      I spoke to Lewis Hughes about the property tax issue.  That was what he wanted to talk to us about.  He suggested the following which has worked recently in a Texas Court.  It should also work for income tax, but we don't go to jail for not paying property tax.


      -Property Tax – Sue tax collector for fraudulent collection using the “I have no legal memory of what that symbol is preceding the numbers on the notice for payment ($).”  If the judge says “Everybody knows that means ‘dollar’”, say, “I don’t know that.  Show me in print that the symbol means ‘dollar’”.  When he can’t come up with the authority, offer to pay in peanuts.  The tax collector will refuse payment, and you declare the bill to be discharged.


      If the judge persists in his “everybody know it’s a dollar symbol” argument, then you get him to define “What is a dollar?”  When he does, or does not, ask him.  “Can this court order me to pay in private script which has no assured value? "  You got him.-


      Lewis just got out of jail for contempt of court.  He has a hearing in ten days.  He has a lot going on.



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