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19314Re: [tips_and_tricks] Effect of "signed under duress" on Govern. Docs

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  • originalfrogfrmr
    Apr 5, 2013
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      > It doesn't often seem that way, but the courts are essentially based on
      > mutual consent. They use words to trick you into thinking otherwise.
      > Several ago one of the Supreme Court justices (sorry I can't recall which
      > one right now) got a little attention (at least from a few folks that
      > aren't sound asleep) by saying that everyone in jail is there voluntarily.
      > I'm sure some folks on this list have a better memory than I and may
      > recall who said it.

      I've been saying it for years, based upon my years of experience in
      California where I have yet to see a proper arraignment, even in my own
      cases, even when the judge has said,, "Oh, you want a PROPER
      ARRAIGNMENT?", and then he goes on to fake one, and gets told, "close, but
      no cigar!" and then they put it off for another two weeks, until 9
      attempts (their seemingly maximum number) and then they dismiss for the
      speedy trial rule or otherwise "dispose" of the problem case.

      It's weird that in the nation in the world with the most prisoners, in the
      state with the most prisoners, all those prisoners are there because they
      were too lazy to read and think a little bit. They failed to have the
      curiosity necessary to find out what steps their opponents had to take to
      incarcerate or fine them, by reading the state constitution and Penal
      Code. They failed to notice and act appropriately when their opponents
      were unqualified to even speak in their presence in the courtroom! They
      made admissions and confessions (the source of 90+% of convictions.) They
      waive rights most times when asked to do so (beginning at the scene of the
      "crime"). Mostly, they're morons, as Mark Dice so frequently proves in his
      You-Tube videos.



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