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19208Re: [tips_and_tricks] I got a summons yesterday.

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  • Jane
    Mar 2, 2013
      Don’t let them tell you:  “We do that all the time here.”
      I had one judge tell me they don’t need signatures. 
      The other said if they had to get signatures they would not have defendants. 
      This was for a misdemeanor Battery for “throwing pen and hitting Melissa on arm” 
      The citation came in the mail.  The judge found no probable cause.
      I had no previous knowledge nor did I authorize the SS# that was stolen to create it.  
      I completely objected. 
      The judge allowed it and allowed the citation with my full SS# lack of my signature and my fill birth date into the public record. 
      Everyone wants jurisdiction of the alleged pen throwing but  no one wants jurisdiction of the identity theft that rendered fictional pen thrower.
      At some point it just becomes damage control for them at the expense of our rights.
      Get your paperwork right and tell them “I stand by my paperwork.” 
      Once you get past that BAR if you are not used to it.....all reason goes down the tubes.
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