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19177Re: Case closed? - Looks like a win

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  • Randy Garriss
    Feb 15, 2013
      Although this is a little different, my experience has been upon obtaining the "Register of Actions" associated with a case that the term "end of case" is found.  This entry may not preclude someone from re-opening the file by filing new matter or on the Court's own initiative.  I have obtained Register of Actions at various stages during the pendency of a case and at each juncture the terms "end of case" were found at the bottom of the same.
      Also law enforcement entities often close cases where evidence is insufficient only to later re-open them.
      However, the important thing to be concerned with in your case is whether there was any kind of judgment that issued before the notice of case closed was issued.  If the Court ignored all your attempts to have your issues recognized, but along the way issued an adverse order/determination, then that judgment/order may serve as a basis for some future action against you in spite of your perceptions as to its legitimacy.  It could be argued that such a judgment is legitimate because you failed to properly follow procedure to have it set aside in a timely manner and it became the law of the case.
      If no such judgment exists then "case closed" is effectively a win for you.
      Hope this helps,  Randy
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