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19168Plain Laws Enforced Immediately by Executive Authority

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  • Legalbear
    Feb 4, 2013

      In order to make the discovery, at which we ultimately aim, a second previous enquiry will naturally be — Did the people of the United States intend to bind the several States by the Executive power of the national Government? The affirmative answer to the former question directs, unavoidably, an affirmative answer to this. Ever since the time of Bracton, his maxim, I believe, has been deemed a good one — "Supervacuum esset leges condere, nisi esset qui leges tueretur."[†] "It would be superfluous to make laws, unless those laws, when made, were to be enforced." When the laws are plain, and the application of them is uncontroverted, they are enforced immediately by the 465*465 Executive authority of Government. Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 US 419, 464 - Supreme Court 1793


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