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19127Notice: Remove My Property from the Tax Rolls

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  • hobot
    Jan 16, 2013
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      The better format to put the various points in the form of a demur might
      be to state - 'unless contrary evidence presented by the State' these
      are the facts of the matter. ie: no legal entity, not in jurisdiction, etc.
      If the paper work was presented after asking for such contrary evidence
      then its in proper context grammar to the officials he's dealing with, not
      the world at large.   hobot

      On 1/16/2013 8:41 PM, jay hawk wrote:

      This is interesting and informative, but something bothered me. The affidavit is primarily a bunch of statements of the form 'i am not in receipt of any verified evidence that contradicts that yada-yada...'. Please forgive my bluntness, but So what? This seems like a strained or sneaky way of trying to assert something without actually having actual knowledge of it. I don't have evidence that contradicts 'yada-yada', therefore 'yada-yada' must be true. This is logically flawed. So you don't have evidence it isn't true, have you done an exhaustive search of the entire universe? Maybe you stopped looking just when you were ready to find it. And even if you did, that's only one person's knowledge. One of the other billions of inhabitants on the planet may be in receipt of verified evidence that contradicts yada-yada. Shouldn't an affidavit consist of facts according to the knowledge of and certified by the affiant?

      --- On Tue, 1/15/13, Jerry Stanton wrote:

      From: Jerry Stanton
      Subject: [tips_and_tricks] Notice: Remove My Property from the Tax Rolls [1 Attachment]
      To: "Tips-and -Tricks"
      Date: Tuesday, January 15, 2013, 11:58 PM


      Notice and Affidavit of facts to County Assessor.
      State of North Carolina  SEE Attachment. 
      This is a friends document.   Jerry Stanton

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