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19028Re: [tips_and_tricks] IRS tax protester stings in the 1990s

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  • lg900df@rock.com
    Nov 8, 2012
      Years ago I told friends not to copy verbatim the work of supposed leaders and guru's. That recommendation still holds in my opinion.

      Ahh...but laziness prevails among "followers" for a "follower" is by definition one who didn't do the work of a "leader"--the latter who originates. 

      I told these people the IRS implemented a computer program to track and compare letters they received. In other words two bins:(1)  Those that reference clerical/administrative issues and the  "I cry 'uncle' and I will pay" letters and (2) All others. They would take the all others, scan the letters, OCR them, and feed it to the "correlation program". The program would then spit-out a report of names with similar wording in the letter graded for similarity and listing in order the date the letter was received. Now its easy to track it back to the originator as HE was the one who in all likelihood wrote the first letter. People asked me: How do you know that for sure?" I said, "Simple: Its what I would do. Witness the head of each perceived snake has been cut-off?"

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