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19008Re: Have You Chosen that Which Cannot be Taken From You??

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  • neeo1@rocketmail.com
    Nov 2 7:53 AM
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      Rogue agencies are constantly elevating form over substance, labels over actualities, in order to cheat people out of their rights including property, by convincing their marks to agree or stipulate to their misleading terms of art without full disclosure. Never agree, never consent, never admit, never understand and always object and make them prove and define precisely every word they use.

      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, Roger Hattman <rogerhattman@...> wrote:
      > Thank you, FF.
      > I work independently and get asked questions like "How long have you been in business?" ( answer: never)   or "How much business did you do last year?" (answer:none).  
      > I don't like to speak two languages (English and Legalese) , so I stick with Legalese since it seems to avoid trouble for me, although other folks sometimes get confused.  Generally being in a "business" requires licenses, permits, etc.  I prefer to exercise my inalienable right to earn a living.  
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