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19006Re: [tips_and_tricks] Have You Chosen that Which Cannot be Taken From You??

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  • frogfrmr@frogfarm.org
    Nov 1, 2012
      > 24 The wisdom of a learned man comes by opportunity of
      > leisure: and he that has little business shall become wise.

      Since my stuff I used to spend time on was burned up in an arson attack,
      and mt main computer crashed, I have lots of leisure time now. Like
      Reagan did, I cut a lot of brush.

      That word, "business", to me is more dangerous than a pet rattlesnake.

      I went to a "Business Expo" and there were hundreds of booths from many
      corporations, all presenting their thing, and I made it a point to stop at
      any that had the word "Business" in their advertising, and asked them for
      the definition of the word that carried legal weight and could put people
      into jail. NOT ONE had a definition! They all looked at me like I was
      supposed to know what "business" means, like they all knew. But NOBODY
      THERE knew!!

      I tried to help by asking obvious questions like, "Is it whatever you are
      doing whenever you are busy?" When do you need to get a business license?
      - Before you get busy, or after you are sure you can stay busy? If you
      pay for the license and never get busy, can you get a refund?

      And what about these concepts: Are you a business, do you own a business,
      are you IN business, OUT of business, etc.? Everybody knows, right?!

      I've decided to avoid business. I don't want to get any business license
      or engage in any regulated activities such as business. Instead, I'm
      opting in to having, instead of a business, a happiness. You don't need
      any happiness license past the Declaration of Independence. Business is
      taxed while happiness is protected. So I'm exercising freedom of choice
      to avoid business and replace its role in my life with happiness.

      What happiness are you in, I expect to be asked as much as people ask,
      what business are you in? I'm currently in the internet utilization
      happiness, thank you.

      "How much do you make in your new happiness?"



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