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18916Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Judge rules that unrebutted affidavits do NOT mean agreement

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  • frogfrmr@frogfarm.org
    Jul 9, 2012
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      > I did not go appellate because there was nothing for
      > me, a real person, to appeal.

      I think the term "real person" is a literal oxymoron. Real man; real
      woman, yes. I think the word "person" implies a mask, if I remember

      > Although as I type
      > this, it just occurred to me that maybe I could
      > have appealed as the agent for the fiction.

      Yes, same here, except that the fiction in my case is bankrupt and I don't
      work for free unless I choose to do so, so I cannot be compelled to work
      for deadbeats, and last I heard, the fiction had hundreds of already
      existing equity claims against it, all hopeless of ever being paid, like
      EVERYTHING ELSE TODAY! Does the prosecution wish to provide the funding
      necessary to complete discovery of the current financial status of the
      entity in question? I may not be the only agent appointed and would
      appreciate having the results of an official audit before making any ad
      hoc decisions. If we go further in this investigation I think it only
      proper that the bona fides of all persons involved be made a matter of
      record, to avoid any appearance of fraud, don't you agree?

      > I do
      > not know, and the lack of an actionable, and effective
      > follow-through makes my experience a do-not-try-this-
      > at-home one, for now.
      > I can say that a challenge to any "fine amount due"
      > assessed against me has stopped further efforts.

      Well there you have one! Really, the house of cards is in free fall. I'm
      going to go get a good telescope so I can look at the top of the already
      collapsing pile! It'll take years for it all to hit the pavement. Some
      chunks even look intact as they fall, like the twin towers. Like them,
      expect vaporization before pavement contact.

      Once upon a time in my quickly passing life, when I was being prepared to
      handle a few million for some people, there was only 3 trillion in the
      whole world-wide banking system. Today I saw there is now at least one
      quadrillion. Back then, silver was 35-40 per oz. today it is $27. US
      debt is multiples of the GDP. It is unpayable.

      Obtain and hold physical silver!

      > One
      > cannot learn if one does not put in an effort to
      > doing something different.

      I had heard a lot of bad things about rattlesnakes but I had never met one
      alive. All the ones I ever saw had been killed by somebody, many times
      going off the road to do it. One day i saw a live one on its way to
      getting killed by a bunch of truckers at the bottom of the hill. It was
      crossing the road when i saw it. To make a long story short i got it to
      go into my backpack and then i put that in a tied bag and took it home.

      It didn't know it had been caught until i had to let it out of the bag to
      get it into a cage. After feeding it well, it crapped in the cage and
      crawled into the poop and was one sorry mess. I called a friend over to
      help me give him a bath, a nice warm one where he was carefully cleaned
      while firmly restrained. The cage was cleaned. Then, i took the cage out
      onto a screened-in porch, where there was an armchair, and I carefully
      emptied him out in the seat of it. I was kneeling in front of it so he had
      to go up the back (impossible) or over one of the sides (possible) or come
      right at me (also possible). I had a one foot long 3/4" diameter stick
      which i put one end into my mouth and then offered it to him to sniff with
      his tongue. After it was no problem, I began to lift the front part of
      his body with that end and let him rest on it with his weight. I also
      moved my hand further down the stick very gradually. I seemed to be
      having an ESP conversation with him to the effect that if he didn't bite
      me, he could trust me to protect him, and that if he did bite me, I would
      eat him. Within one hour I picked him up totally unrestrained, my friend
      who was there snapped the photo, and I never restrained him ever again in
      13 years of handling him probably a thousand times (at least several times
      every four days). Everyone who said he would bite me was wrong, and that
      was everybody! We trusted each other, and neither was ever nervous about
      the encounters, and he was always free to bite if that's what he thought
      was necessary. He never did, even when other people messed with him or he
      was near my dog. I did some crazy things with him to amaze the public,
      yet he took it well. He would rattle, and i could stop him doing it by
      reaching out and petting him. I can't say all would be like that one, but
      it prooves that all are not bad as expected. I felt he was a very
      reasonable creature.

      In many other ways, life can give you real surprises when you try
      something new that nobody agrees is valid.


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