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18914Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Judge rules that unrebutted affidavits do NOT mean agreement

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  • frogfrmr@frogfarm.org
    Jul 9 4:54 AM
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      > A few months ago, I went to a routine traffic court session
      > with a Special Appearance, challenging service not being in
      > complaince with statutoryservice of process, and NOT admitting
      > to the court's jurisdiction, acknowledging I was a natural man,
      > not a fiction, with an affidavit stating I was agent for
      > the fictional name on the license.

      My only idea on that is that it would be more unassailble if done from the
      position of being in custody against your will without counsel present in
      front of the magistrate immediately demanded at the scene of the crime,
      mentioned in California Penal code section 810. A good question for the
      arresting cop: "do you know the name of the magitrate to whom I am
      required to be delivered?"

      > Judge: "I don't know who you are. I don't have to recognize
      > you, and I do not."

      Why don't you put me in a line-up and let one of the witnesses identify me?

      > Then she spoke to the asst DA, "We can send a notice to the
      > address shown on the license with a fine for failing to stop
      > at a stop sign and no insurance." She refused to talk to me,
      > again, and I left.

      Will the envelope be opened?? The suspense....!!

      > A few weeks later, I received a default notice with a fine
      > in excess of $2,050.

      It's illegal to open mail that isn't addressed to you. when you do it
      accidentally, then what?!

      > I had insurance, just not with me at
      > the time of the stop, and I would not argue or ask the
      > court for anything until the jurisdictional issue was
      > addressed. $2,000 alone was for puportedly no insurance.

      Isn't it "no proof of insurance"?

      > I have not pursued this further because I am unsure how
      > to fight a case that, to me, did not occur. One of FF's
      > highly regarded contacts mentioned the fact that the
      > case was against a license only. Still, I do not know
      > how to form my own court and drive very carefully until
      > then.

      You don't drive; you travel (IF your status is right, but the existence of
      insurance makes me doubt that it is because you really cannot have any of
      the Big Three without all of them together, and then you are definitely in
      the licensed jurisdiction). The King's court is with him at all times. I
      always begin by sending away all who can be disqualified, so they cannot
      make record, and issuing orders to those who cannot be disqualified. So
      far, nobody could survive my disqualification. The non-imbeciles can even
      choose to disqualify themselves after you help them understand it. That's
      what most will do.


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