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18905Re: Judge rules that unrebutted affidavits do NOT mean agreement

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  • Michael
    Jul 7, 2012
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      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, Mike <micflah@...> wrote:

      > What is an "agent"?
      > If that doesn't SCREAM "commercial claim" I don't know
      > what to tell you!

      Anytime I open my Black's Law and look under "agent,"
      I hear no screams, or SCREAMS. Besides, no such
      "commercial claim" was made by me, nor did the judge
      say one was being made. A lawyer may be an agent, but
      not all agents are lawyers.

      > The first step to win any case is to deny jurisdiction...
      > but that is only the first step!
      > What do you do to back this up?
      > Apparently you failed to back up this assertion
      > otherwise you would have won that case.

      The refusal to enter jurisdiction was asserted no
      less than four times. The conclusion above is
      non sequitur.

      Lest anyone else get confused over what what originally
      posted, I refused to enter into that court's jurisdiction,
      and the judge acknowledged that refusal by refusing to
      deal with the physical man present and demanded that the
      fictional name on the license respond, which never happened.

      There was nothing else to "win," in that regard.

      For clarity, I asserted in the post that the jurisdictional
      challenge part worked and won that battle, but I may have
      lost the war for lack of knowing how to follow-through, and
      added, "do-not-try-this-at-home."

      The rest is silence, on this one.

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