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18903Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: Judge rules that unrebutted affidavits do NOT mean agreement

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  • Mike
    Jul 7, 2012
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      Michael <mn_chicago@...> Thank you for your response.

      Language and definition of terms means a lot in "law".

      >I stated I was the agent FOR, not a claim to BE/represent,
      that I was called "Michael" of the "Last name" family, but
      that I am not the name,

      What is an "agent"?

      If that doesn't SCREAM "commercial claim" I don't know what to tell you!

      Did you watch the video?

      The judge asked the man if he was the agent (attorney) for the fiction... to which the man answered: "No. I am an administrator, like you, for that account."

      >articulated for the sole purpose of not admitting to any "presumed" jurisdictional

      The first step to win any case is to deny jurisdiction... but that is only the first step!

      What do you do to back this up?

      Apparently you failed to back up this assertion otherwise you would have won that case.

      >I did not go appellate because there was nothing for me, a real person, to appeal.

      If you say so...

      What about deprivation of rights? Is that an actionable for you?

      Someone asked once: "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer: One bite at a time.

      I don't post most of my Notices or Pleadings anywhere because I don't "know" if my arguments will work (and I am not interested in misleading anyone while I figure it out)... but when this all began years ago I knew where I was going - ultimately (the Supreme Court). I have attempted to frame all my Pleadings with that goal in mind.

      I also use the APA with written Notices of Complaints, Notices of Default and Notices to Cure so that there is an actionable cause pursuant to Title 42 deprivation of rights against these entities.

      I am not a 14th Amendment citizen.

      I am a State National and I claim the rights of that status (equal protection under the 14th Amendment) while denying the limitations of that status (Art. IV territorial courts are limited [applying to 14th Amendment citizens] and have different rules than Art. III Courts [applying to State Nationals]).

      This is not child's play, here. I don't have time to explain this to you if you don't understand these concepts.

      I am hesitant to post my pleadings on any email list because I do not have time or the inclination to explain them to people who won't do their own homework.

      First of all, I have learned from others on various lists "what" are the "issues" and added my own "spin" on these concepts.

      Some email lists are useless. Not so "tips and tricks".... I have been on this list for years but don't say much.

      Some people have benefited from my research because we established a bit of a "personal" (as much as you can over the internet) relationship and I have shared what I have done in my Notices and cases.

      It does not take much for an inquiring mind to get copies of these documents. Simply a decent email with an introduction about yourself and what you want from me.

      I would be happy to share them with anyone who will build on, correct or provide an entirely different "spin" on this "approach" for one reason: the "system is NOT just and we need each other to overcome "it".

      I have often considered offering these documents to this list but this is Bear's list - not mine and it is not my place to infringe.

      I have received unsolicited emails lacking any personal introduction which I dismissed or returned to sender with the suggestion that they give me a reasonable introduction to themselves.

      Some people write back... some don't. Some I have shared my documents with and have never heard from them again. No "Thanks" or anything.

      That's cool. Whatever. I hope "it all" works out for them.

      Your statement "One cannot learn if one does not put in an effort to doing something different" is worth repeating here.

      Michael (not from Chicago)
      Notice & Warning: This email contains proprietary business information, trade secrets, restricted and valued information intended for the addressees eyes only. All interceptors, surveillance agents foreign and domestic, enforcement agencies are hereby prohibited from accessing, possessing, using, selling, purchasing, storing, retrieving, and transmitting this valuable information as a product or service for gain. Any monetary profits, benefits or accounting of this information for gain may be prosecuted as a felony offense and cause of action. Persons, whistle blowers, informants may be granted an award for information leading to the successful prosecution of agents committing acts of infringement.

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