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18837Re: On emitting bills of credit aka Federal Reserve Notes :-)

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  • Michael
    May 31, 2012
      --- In tips_and_tricks@yahoogroups.com, Coalbunny <coalbunny@...> wrote:

      > Guess they aren't so worthless now, now are they?

      I trust you are familiar with the card game, Old Maid.

      Your "insights" are predicated on a singular belief,
      that because you can make purchases for goods and
      services with the issued fiat, it has value.

      Back in the 1940s, one could have purchased gasoline
      for 12 cents the gallon. Today, let's call it $4
      the gallon. The same gallon [equivalent] of gas,
      but the cost is several hundred percent dearer.

      If one saved their fiat from the 1940s, until today,
      you can see have they have depreciated in purchasing

      In the 1940s, for an ounce of gold, one could have
      purchased around 340 gallons of gas. If one saved
      that same ounce of gold, today it can purchase around
      380 gallons of gas.

      Not only has the ounce of gold held its purchasing
      power over the same span of time, it has slightly
      increased in purchasing power. The purchasing power
      of current fiat has decreased by close to 50% in
      just the past 20 years alone.

      Putting that aside, what many recognize and consider
      today's monetary system is, and has been a fraud,
      for well over a half century.

      Just a few years ago, one could have purchased silver
      and gold for $20 and $800 [fiat measured], respectively.
      Just a few year even before that, one could have
      purchased silver and gold for $4 and $250 the ounce.

      The ounce of silver and/or gold is still the same.
      Intead of paying $4 for silver or $250 for gold, the
      ounce, it now takes $28 fiats and $1,500 fiats to
      purchase that same ounces.

      There is a statement to be made comparing what was
      stated as "not so worthless now" to what has
      increased in worth over the same period[s].

      The corporate federal government has created trillions
      of more "dollars," via computer blips. For now, the
      unparalled increases in "dollars" has been held within
      the failed banking system, which is why there has not
      been rampant inflation.

      The Rotschild model is quickly coming apart at the
      seams. It seems if one continues to maintain a
      belief in the purchasing power of the imagination,
      when reality goes mainstream, all that has been
      imagined will have disappeared. It will be replaced
      by shock and awe that few could have ever imagined,
      when that imagination ruled.

      Cognitive dissonance reigns...for most.

      > I live in Utah and no one will take anything that
      > isn't cash, check or credit.

      Cognitive dissonance...sorry, I just said that.
      A million wrongs will never amend a single right.
      Lemmings run in numbers. One can select their own
      trite saying.

      > I have yet to find anyone taking gold or silver.

      If you have not found one does not necessarily
      mean they do not exist, but I can say that those
      who do take gold and silver are not imaginary.


      For anyone who might say, "You can't eat gold,"
      the comeback response would be, "When is the
      last time you ate a fiat 'dollar'?"
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