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18836Re: [tips_and_tricks] Re: On emitting bills of credit aka Federal Reserve Notes :-)

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  • Coalbunny
    May 30 10:52 PM
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      If I may add some insight to this....

      On 5/29/2012 12:07 PM, Frog Farmer wrote:
      >>> Does anyone have any idea of the multiples of the GDP that are
      >>> already owed to someone?
      >> Not sure that it matters. Could not tell you the exact
      >> multiple, but less than Japan. Owed to someone, or some
      >> entity?
      > It matters because it is unpayable. The point will come in this system
      > where another entire planet's output will be needed just to pay the
      > interest (which is never printed).
      This isn't a good description of the quote I snipped, but please read it anyhow.
      In my experience in this matter, I have done contract work for the US Government- Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management. I engaged in a similar discussion with a sovereign citizen back in '97. He said the same stuff, or close to it. The money I was paid really wasn't money as it had no value. No gold backing it up, thus no value, thus worthless pieces of scrap paper. I laughed at him. Those may have been worthless scraps of paper, but those worthless scraps of paper bought me food and paid my bills. And those aren't exactly imaginary. Where did he get his truck & camper? Oh, he traded for them. Where did he get his fuel from? Ohhhh! He paid for them using....the same worthless pieces of paper. Guess they aren't so worthless now, now are they?

      > You haven't heard about Utah. Check it out.
      > http://constitutionaltender.blogspot.com/2011/03/utah-governor-signs-gol
      > d-silver-legal.html
      > Have you ever gone to the trouble of using US Notes? You do know their
      > number is strictly limited but their circulation is mandatory. How can
      > newer generations learn about money with the disinformation level so
      > high today?
      I live in Utah and no one will take anything that isn't cash, check or
      credit. I have yet to find anyone taking gold or silver.
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