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18812Opening bank accout w/o government issued ID?

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  • hobot
    May 6, 2012
      Only a foreigner to the US jurisdiction can open a US governed bank account w/o a tax or SS number. A foreign man/woman or an INC or a trust that has a tax home outside of US Federal Zone can and do open accounts w/o tax or SS number.

      The United States of America [spelled fully out] is non Domestic Alien land to the Federal Zone. Study of use of W8BEN reveals the format used to acquire US Passport and account outside of Federal Zone and to use in lieu of W9=signature card.

      Customs knows the rules but the local postal clerks that take Passport application and oath may not understand and block you sending in the application, so you may need to shop around ‘till finding one to follow the law and let Customs dept. decide. You can make up any locale you like as outside the USofA so no way to check it and must accept your report of it.

      Deal with the banks main office not a branch where you actually do daily business at. You need two non-Gov't issued photo IDs for Passport application. Make up your own form online at ID card sites or use work or club member photo ID. You also need a form for reason of US mail address, tick off for convenience purpose only. Banks have this on hand. Customs no longer issues distinct Passports for US Perons vs non-citizen nationals vs American Nationals but have provisions to denote this on a Passport if you can convince a customs agent to follow the law and print on page 24 or such. Customs does understand-know the difference of standing of non-14th Amendment citizen American National. I have an account with just Passport w/o the Certification of Citizenship, so it’s not a show stopper. Good ideal to request authenticated Passport application to prove the differences to a bank legal department. Patriot Acts and other tax treaties do not apply to American Nations nor Mexicans and legal dept's know this too.

      Name Name 111 Main Street City, County Name, dejure postal route XX [last 2 digits of ZIP] State Name, United States of America.




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