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18736Out of lock up.

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  • Jerry Stanton
    Jan 27, 2012
    Ted, Jerry You out of the LOCK UP now????
    [10:21:28 PM] Jerry James Stanton: Got out of Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital today after being judged competent to stand trail. 1-27-2012 After being locked up  for 72 days without a trial, lawful complaint or any controversy before the court to have jurisdiction over me. After the 72 days I agreed to plead no contest, pay fines, so I could go home and take care of my business again.
    [10:33:33 PM] Jerry James Stanton: [The Creator] help America if this these kinds of crimes are allowed to continue against the people of the union states that challenge the Constitutionality of the laws of the Corporate STATES for profit that plunder the people using color of law to deprive the people of their rights to life, liberty and property.
    [10:33:50 PM] Jerry James Stanton:    
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