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18678Michigan ciminal complaint

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  • Jerry Stanton
    Sep 22, 2011
    Barry there three word documents that are attached to this. Please let me know if they open. If not will send on SKYPE.

     Michigan Criminal Complaint
        I pray if you take the time to read the documents I wrote, we the people will see, we do not have to consent to a unconstitutional form of Government that has declared war on, the unalienable rights of man, given to us by our creator. After being kidnapped in Coldwater Michigan, for a victim less crime and locked up and tortured, during a six day period, I  spent about 200 hours putting together, with some help from friends, what I feel is a preponderance of evidence in affidavit form, that no reasonable man could dispute, and all involved in this matter have defaulted and now except the facts as true. Most of this shows clearly one very simple fact, we do not have to consent to having criminals, pretending to be law enforcement and judges. They can not interfere with our liberty without our consent. As you will see, this felony crime carries some of the most severe penalties ever pasted into law in our state's history.
                I pray we the people open our eyes and see. Jerry James Stanton
      See Attachments.   

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