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18672Why is the word "dhimmitude" in the Obama Health Care Bill??

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  • Ray Potter
    Sep 11, 2011
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      *Dhimmitude** -- What does it mean?* * Obama used it in the health care bill. *

      Now isn't this interesting? It is used in the health care law. *

      Dhimmitude* -- I had never heard the word until now. Type it into Google and start reading. Pretty interesting. It's on page 107 of the healthcare bill. I looked this up on Google and yep, it exists.. It is a REAL word.

      Word of the Day: Dhimmitude

      Dhimmitude is the *Muslim system of controlling non-Muslim* populations conquered through jihad. Specifically, it is the TAXING of non-Muslims in exchange for tolerating their presence AND as a coercive means of converting conquered remnants to Islam.

      ObamaCare allows the establishment of Dhimmitude and Sharia Muslim diktat in the United States . *Muslims are specifically exempted from the government mandate to purchase insurance, and also from the penalty tax for being uninsured. Islam considers insurance to be "gambling", "risk-taking", and "usury" and is thus banned. Muslims are specifically granted exemption based on this.** *

      How convenient. So I, as a Christian, will have crippling IRS liens placed against all of my assets, including real estate, cattle, and even accounts receivables, and will face hard prison time because I refuse to buy insurance or pay the penalty tax. Meanwhile, Louis Farrakhan will have no such penalty and will have 100% of his health needs paid for by the de facto government insurance. Non-Muslims will be paying a tax to subsidize Muslims. This is Dhimmitude.

      I recommend sending this on to all of your contacts. American citizens need to know about it!
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