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18664US Supreme Court: license & registration within a state's powers?

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  • Daniel Nieves
    Aug 17 8:45 PM
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      As always I thank you for giving us something to ponder LegalBear.  I would like to point out what I see  "Upon the foregoing the court shall determine the questions and differences between the parties and render judgment according as their rights in law may appear in the same manner as if the facts aforesaid were proven upon the trial."

      What I noted was how Mr. Hendrick was subject to their laws.  I do not know how he pleaded but from the 2nd paragraph Mr. Hendrick waived his right to travel.  I still am a laymen so Im sure I will be made aware.  My apologies but I would like some feedback on this topic. 
       1. He is and then was a citizen of the United States, resident and commorant 619*619 in the District of Columbia. (Do US Citizens and residents have the right to travel?) 
      2. On that day he left his office in Washington in his own automobile and drove it into Prince George's County
      (Can one drive and travel at the same time?) 

      I dont know what this man pleaded however if he failed to challenge, deny, object  those facts that were "proven at trial" then they must be true and he was therefore subject to their "motor vehicle" law

      There is no solid foundation for the claim that the statute directly interferes with the rights of citizens of the United States to pass through the State

      Perhaps had Mr. Hendrick pleaded he was a state citizen , transient-foreigner, traveling on the land of the state exercising his rights secured, the court may have ruled differently.  But then again, I don't know what he pleaded and what is even more true is that the Tyrants do what they want no matter what is pleaded.


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      I’ve seen a lot of research on “right to travel”, but, I’ve never seen anyone address this case. Please note the references to “commerce”:
      Hendrick v. Maryland, 235 US 610 - Supreme Court 1915
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