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18651Re: [tips_and_tricks] Past IRS Taxes Penalties/Fees

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  • Bob Conlon
    Aug 14, 2011
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      Exactly.  Congressional mandate is established.   Doesn't matter how many times something appears in a law.  ONce will do it.  PLease explain how a treasury order destroys public law?  No can do.
      Secretary screwed up.   Have you downloaded the document and read it?   It gets much worse for the IRS and the executive branch.   Americans are being defrauded. 
      The law says the district director MUST authorize in writing levies.  This is codified in Title 26 sec. 6334.   District director is also required by hundreds of CFR regulations.  Big time fraud going on here being committed by IRS, or what used to be IRS.  In fact, everytime a 1040 is filed, a crime is being committed.   REad the doc, you'll see.

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           > RRA98 at section 3445 established the fact that congress mandated that the position of district director be maintained! 

      Sec. 3445 is Procedures for seizure of residences and businesses:


      "District director" only appears once in section 3445:

      (b) LEVY ALLOWED IN CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES - Section 6334(e) is amended to read as follows:


            `(1) PRINCIPAL RESIDENCES-
                `(A) APPROVAL REQUIRED- A principal residence shall not be exempt from levy if a judge or magistrate of a district court of the United States approves (in writing) the levy of such residence.  
                `(B) JURISDICTION- The district courts of the United States shall have exclusive jurisdiction to approve a levy under subparagraph (A).

            `(2) CERTAIN BUSINESS ASSETS- Property (other than a principal residence) described in subsection (a)(13)(B) shall not be exempt from levy if--
                `(A) a district director or assistant district director of the Internal Revenue Service personally approves (in writing) the levy of such property; or
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