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18532Doug's Herich Story on Jury Duty

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  • dave
    Jun 19, 2011
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      What exists for “jury duty” consists in keeping a cancerous growth alive by the acclamation of the people called a jury….to the people’s detriment. That is the definition of stupidity. Present day juries are the antithesis of what a jury of supposed to be—a judge of the laws as such law is for people, a jury of peers, and the power holder in the court. You will find every aspect of this kept hidden from present day juries and in its place is offered the opposite. Disgustingly they pawn this off as “for the people” and ironically sell it on fear of loss of freedom.


      You’ve been handed limited choice and told it is freedom. By not showing you alternative, you are left with their choice. They’ve deprived you of the near number one cause for fighting for the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 –the right of a free people to the unwritten law that is common with men.


      In its place they’ve handed you the cheesey substitute called written law. Written law is “good enough for government work” because government needs written laws to keep it in check. They’ve “turned the tables” and taken the law intended for them and used it on you. All their courts are creations of written law—every one. You will NOT obtain justice in one of these courts—it is an impossibility because the wrong law will be applied to you.


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