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18445Federal pen for Tim Turner Proteges

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  • dave
    May 14, 2011
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      ALBANY: An anti-government group member apologized Friday for using bogus legal papers to intimidate and attack government officials in Ulster County.



      Answer: No one files more fraudulent liens than the IRS. Check out your county recorder for "Notice of Federal Tax Lien" and it's an enormous number [by total number of counties] of them filed by an "Automatic Collection System" each month; yep a computer. Just realize there are 3K counties in the US. These liens are not recorded as a regular lien because a regular lien needs a shred of due process called a judge's ruling/signature. To support big brother in its expediency of "justice" each state has allowed a loophole in state law that allows these to be "filed" instead of "recorded". Clever eh? And to cover the county, the recorder gets a cut in the filing fees; life is good eh? This special-treatment is only permitted the IRS and specifically on these type of "toilet paper" liens. The law on the authority for "signature" on these permits "printing" only so thus the IRS uses 'printed cursive" to give the appearance of legitimacy that they are signed. No one with the REAL ID of the person's name signs them--only a "pocket credential" "pseudonym" is used.

      These DESTROY people's credit and unlike a bankruptcy, stay on the record for 10 years. The collection error rate is estimated at 15% and VERY hard to correct. Average Joe is easily intimidated by what former Secretary of Treasury under G.W. Bush Paul O'Neil referred to as the Internal Revenue Codes"10,000 pages of gibberish", so he is easily fooled. With the number filed, the ease with which they are filed, the almost NILL check-and-balance, the ROBOSIGNING by the MILLIONS, people should be aware of this APPALLING event.