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18372Re: IRS "systemic error department"

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  • Michael
    Apr 18, 2011
      Monday 18 April 2011

      Life is not fair... Most people accept that.

      The IRS is not fair. It still amazes so many.

      One cannot have it both ways with the
      defacto puppet government and the IMF's
      much stronger collection arm.

      Get out of the system.

      "But that is not easy!"

      Fighting the IRS is easier? [Rhetorical]

      Create alternative ways of exchanging
      labor outside of tax forms, and stop
      creating a signed contract with the

      "But that would require a whole change
      of life style!"

      Then remain a 14th Amendment citizen
      and stop complaining.

      Complaining is a waste of time. Do
      something about it or move on.
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