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18190Re: "Be afraid - be VERY afraid"

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  • Patrick McKEE
    Jan 3, 2011
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      WHY would anyone “need” to LISTEN to a recorded call to understand Rod’s arguments & NOT take them out of context WHEN he has put them in WRITING to be submitted to the COAST GUARD & to be used by other people?


      AREN’T all of Rod Class’ SO-CALLED “legal” arguments & the references that ALLEGELY support his “conclusions” in his documents?


      IF NOT, then WHY are they NOT in them?


      Is Steve Stern suggesting that Rod Class’ SO-CALLED “legal” arguments & the references that ALLEGELY support his “conclusions” in his documents are OUT OF CONTEXT & NOT understandable?


      Is that WHY I was able to DISECT Rod Class’ ALLEGED “claims” & SUPPOSED “arguments” with APPLICABLE FACTS & LAW & SHOW HOW & WHY Rod Class’ PURPORTED "body of facts" were BS PATRIOT MYTHOLOGY & PNJ THEORY thrown together with cites that do NOT support the ALLEGED “claims” or SUPPOSED “arguments” that were made? 


      Rod Class & Steve Stern, the SHILL, the "expert" & the CON



      Re: Rod Class & Steve Stern, the SHILL, the "expert" & the CON






      And is the reason WHY neither Steve Stern & Rod Class have NOT posted ANY type of INTELLIGENT response to my posts DESPITE the FACT that I TRASHED most of Rod Class’ ALLEGED “claims” or SUPPOSED “arguments” POINT BY POINT & even referenced all of my responses to Rod Class’ ALLEGED “claims” or SUPPOSED “arguments” with QUOTES & LINKS to Rod Class’ “materials” to AVOID any confusion?


      Patrick in California





      "It isn't the jumping that kills you. It is the sudden stop."-Unknown



      --- In citizensoftheUSofA@yahoogroups.com , Steve Stern <bodastern@...> wrote:


      >     YOU ALL NEED TO HEAR THESE RECORDINGS to understand Rods arguements

      > Â

      > and not pick one thing out of context.!!!

      > Â

      > Â

      > Rod Class Private Recorded Call direct link on 

      >>> Fri. 12.31.10 <<<  on Talkshoe, 57 minutes...


      >      "The Oath Question" with cites...and whole lot more...a follow-on call to Rod's last

      >      Private Call Recording (of Wed, Dec, 29, 2010)...


      >      Fri, 12.31.10  http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-48361/TS-433838.mp3  57 minutes


      > (Also, listen to Rod's preceding Private Call recording after the above recording...

      > From Wed, 12.29.10  http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-48361/TS-432988.mp3  41 minutes

      > >> There are notes on that call right below the description of this call !)


      > >>>>>  Call description, Fri, 12.31.10...

      > You'll have to listen this call (and the one from Wed, 12.29.10) multiple times if you're new

      > to Rod's research (AND EVEN if you're a regular listener !). You'll want to pause each of the calls

      > to write down the case cites and Rule cites...there are many, many of them, but they will give

      > you a sequence of events, legislation and Federal Codes, Rules and Regulations that are the

      > basis for Rod's conclusions and suggestions for dealing with the LABYRINTH that the Feds

      > have cleverly constructed around us ! They (the Federal government) never counted on us

      > figuring out this LABYRINTH !


      > Thanks, Rod...you're the Best !




      > Steve Stern -