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17810Return of property tax bills.

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  • Cliff Bass
    Sep 3 9:07 AM
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      "It [is argued that] the word
      "including" means "moreover", or "as well
      as"; but if this was the meaning of the legislature, it was a
      very embarrassing mode of expressing the idea."  Chief
      Justice Marshall of the United States Supreme Court, United States v.
      The Schooner Betsey and Charlotte, 8 U.S. 443 (1808).  Marshall
      proceeds to observe that the proposition that "moreover"
      or "as well as" is, in fact, what is meant by the
      legislative use of "including" (or, by extension,
      includes) is nonsense.

      you correctly stated it when you said 'word of art'and

      we are again confronted with the term 'includes'.

      we know what it means through our research, yet they

      do not or they ignore us from the local level up to our

      3 lettered friends.
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