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  • Carole
    Sep 2, 2010
    Hello Jerry,
    I'm in Wisconsin and I know exactly how they get away with private property taxation. It says right in the statutes.....if only we would learn how to read them, after all they are called a "CODE" and we need to break that CODE!. The PEOPLE don't read the statutes and if they do they don't understand them Of course the statutes don't apply to an inhabitant on the land or a non-commercial entity. Clue: Statutes are copyrighted by West Publishing Co.
    I have attached WI Statute on General Property Taxes, which it appears is the only tax that can be placed upon property. If you read it closely and look for the definition of General Property you will see the "words of art" that are used to make us believe that our property is General Property. General Property is actually defined on the first page. Remember that years ago (and maybe today also) some companies used to provide housing for their employees, single family, apts., etc. (Pullman would be one example). Well Gov had the right to tax those properties because they were attached to the commercial parent. Another clue is: they can't enter your house to "appraise" it for taxes unless you LET THEM IN! We seem to volunteer for everything.
    Another clue is: Here in our Town, the clerk gets the Appraiser's Roll of properties and THEN IT IS UP TO THE CLERK to determine which properties on that list are taxable as General Property. Of course she/he is not aware of her duties in this matter and just goes ahead and certifies the ENTIRE LIST and sends it on to the Treasurer. You see, the lowest official on the Totem Pole is given a huge responsibility and they have no knowledge of any wrongdoing. and....they are doing this job for the lake districts, town, county and state taxes. Unbelievable how this got worked out. I find that most of the Statutes are written in conformity with the constitution - using many "words of art" so that the average person misinterprets them to the government's benefit. Look for the word "taxable", in the beginning of the above attached Statute, in front of "real estate" , "general property", and others.....then find the place where "taxable" doesn't precede the term "General Property". Watch out for the word "includes" as that is one of the "words of art" used throughout the statutes.
    I sent a request to my state congressman about this and he replied that he sent my question to the lawyers in Madison to answer and they said "If it doesn't exclude residential that means it is included". I sure know that is an incorrect answer. The statutes cannot be vague! They may be made to confuse, but cannot be vague.
    Hope this helps - Carole

    Subject: Return of property tax bills.

    The corporation called STATE OF MICHIGAN, it municipalities, employees, elected officials and their B.A.R Attorney,s has brought war on the people of this state with their endless taxation, they taxed the employers out of the state, they taxed the employees to the point that no one can afford to hire them and have raised property taxes to the point the people can not pay them.
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